Development Team

Rick Moore, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 812.428.8500 | Email:

Mr. Moore has over 35 years experience in Operations Management which includes: Development, Tax Credits, Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Finance, Human Resources, Safety & Security, Property Maintenance and Procurement.

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Timothy L. Martin, Chief Operations Officer

Phone: 812.428.8500 | Email:

Mr. Martin has more than 20 years hands-on experience in Operations Management which includes: Public Housing, Development, Tax Credits, RAD, Maintenance, Construction, Vocational Training and Safety.

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Danial Berry, Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 812.602.4103 | Email:

Mr. Berry is a professional financial auditor with nine years experience in public accounting and finance.  He offers Advantix and its partners a balance of attention to detail and expertise in conceptualizing the broader financial picture on small, mid and large scale projects throughout the state.

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Andy Myszak, Myszak + Palmer

Phone: 812.886.0350 | Email:

For over 41 years, Mr. Myszak has been involved in design and building. He has been a registered architect since 1985 and has been responsible for a multitude of projects throughout the United States as well as worldwide. 

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Sanjeev Jaipuriar, Development

Phone: 443.610.9007 | Email:

Mr. Jaipuriar is an affordable housing professional specializing in Low Income Housing Tax Credits and multifamily lending programs. Using his extensive experience in housing finance, underwriting and asset management, Jaipuriar assists with development activities in affordable and market rate projects.

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